My new Etsy finds....

 Happy Saturday y'all!  I just love looking around Etsy for inspiration and making a wish list!  I recently made a few purchases and am VERY happy with the quality, price and craftsmanship of the products and thought I would share!

Kelly Joy Boutique has awesome items for sale and very reasonable. Do you remember Kelly was one of the sponsors of my Birthday Week Extravaganza. I took advantage of the 20% off code she gave us and bought myself a headband.  Although my daughter thinks she will be wearing it, I will be keeping it my stash...can't wait to wear it, maybe Easter!

Kelly Joy Boutique   Link to her Etsy shop! 

Crayton Tote from UPTOTE. I purchased two of these and 1 of them that has markers. They all have notebooks in them is a picture of the inside. Kids love them for traveling and more so when we are out at a dr appt or restaurant. I just break them out and they are content until the food comes. Very reasonable pricing too!

Uptotes Etsy shop....

Adding in a little color into our chocolate brown room with some greens and aqua blues. I found these pillow covers (2) on etsy and was VERY HAPPY with the quality of them.  $ 22 for that's a steal for the quality of this fabric!

This adorable high quality handmade Pillow Cover came from a fellow blogger that blogged about her newest creation for her home....I feel in love with it and asked her if she had an etsy shop. She did! However, this was not on it 8(    She emailed me and said she would part with this one and sell it to me.  I was soooo happy to hear it!  I bought it right away!  The quality of this pillow case cover is A++++

I recommend her site and workmenship to anyone!

She blogs at:  Just Another Hang Up

 I have to say I would rather buy from an Etsy shop then a Homegoods or PB, both of which are favs of mind. The quality I am finding out there is top notch! And prices don't break the bank! 

So if you are in the market for some great stuff...check out the shops I mentioned!


Suzanne said…
Melissa, I'm so happy you like the rabbit pillow. It looks SO cute next to the leaf pillow -- love all those colors together. I agree with you -- I've been really happy with the finds I've purchased on Etsy too. Thank you so much for the shout out. It's appreciated! - Suzanne
Kristin said…
I love that bunny pillow!
So cute!
Hi Melissa! When is the next Lego Linky party? Or will you be posting that? LOL

Lindsay said…
Great finds!! I love the headband!
Sarah said…
Love the etsy. Love the homeschoolin' fun.

Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing spot to get drenched in goodness.


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