Paper Flower Tutorial

As most of you probably realize, with three little ones and a hubby to care for, my budget is stretched to the max (not to mention the lovely price of gas right now).  I have to find ways to be creative!  My daughter, Molly, is having her 4th birthday coming up and I decided to make all the decorations myself.  The theme is a Ballerina Party and she invited 3 little girl friends to come join her! 

I posted last week that I was making these cute paper flowers as part of the decor.  I wanted to show you how easy and for a dollar how you make them!

Started off with 10 sheets of Dollar store white tissue paper

Then I just used the accordion method until it was all 1 piece, used a pipe cleaner to tie it off and trimmed my edges to a circle them off instead of straight edges.

I open each side up as much as I can.

Then start slowly and careful (it will rip sometimes but you can hide that), opening each piece up from the group.

It will start to take shape as you can see. After 1 side I start on the other. The pipe cleaner acts at the middle of the flower too.

When it's done it looks like this. Bigger than my head for sure!  And so pretty!

Have fun making these for Easter or Springtime!


Show Me Mama said…
How fun and lovely that is. These look really easy to make and would be great for birthday parties and in various colors. Thank for sharing this wonderful idea. Love it. I am your new follower. You can visit me at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.
Anonymous said…
Cute love these! I will be making some of these for Spring :-)
I used this post for my sidebar feature. Neat idea.
Meg said…
Oh, so cute! I love those! Did you hang them or use them as centerpieces? I think hanging these in different colors in my girls room would be awesome!

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