Update & WOW I hit 200 Followers

Thank you everyone for your prayers regarding my FIL.  We have the arrangements made for Thur and Friday (which look like great weather days). I am working on something to say at the Service since both my husband and his sister will not be in any shape to say anything publically.   "The Navy" will be there to present the flag to my husband and I am sure the entire day on Friday will be draining.  I have my mom and my MIL trading shifts to watch the kids.  I think I need to get up to the mall and find something appropriate to wear.

On a better note:   I see that the blog has reached 200 followers! 

Happy dance insert here!

Thanks to all my followers and especially the daily loyal ones (Wink, you know who you are)  My number 1 follower is Our Lord Jesus Christ and for that I am thankful.

I wish I had some sort of contest or giveaway,
but just don't have the mind set right now....

Enjoy your week everyone!


Lindsay said…
Yay on 200.. Thats great that the arrangements are coming together! Praying its a beautiful celebration of his life!
The Adventurer said…
Congrats on hitting 200 followers. Praying for your MIL and husband

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