What I am looking forward to this Spring....

Happy March 1st everyone.  I am so looking forward to Spring at this point. Don't get me wrong, I love the Winter and all it brings with it. I don't love the brown snow, flooding yard, sunshine but too cold to go out!  I wanted to share what I am looking forward to this Spring with the kids and family!

I know the flowers in the yard are dying to show their colors!

Our Deck garden!  Last year we added beans to our garden and they grew great!

Easter egg hunt - being Easter is so late in April this year, I am confident the weather will hold out for an outdoor hunt again this year.

We love to celebrate all things here.Earth Day is no exception. Love it when we can school outdoors!

Outdoor Movies!  We love movie night!

Bonfires - love these with the kiddies...smores....hot tea and a blanket on a cooler night!

Now that's a fire!

Our yard in late April - all the trees have burst open for a Spring time show.  If you look close, you will notice that this picture is actually part of my "button"!  This was taken from our upper deck.

The kids play yard!  They are looking forward to getting back out there!

What do you look forward to the most for Spring?


Oh I love these Spring/Summer pictures! I am glad it is March. Stopping by from NOBH
Robin said…
Your yard is beautiful! You have your own little haven full of things to do without even leaving home :)
Lindsay said…
How fun! We are on the same wave length! I wrote a very similar post today too :-) I am so looking forward to some warm weather!!
Mommy of 3 said…
Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. I love when the flowers start to bloom and the weather is just right. The kids can play outside without a jacket, but yet they are not dripping with sweat. Beautiful pictures. I love the kids play area.
Your yard is beautiful! So jealous of all the space!
Anne said…
Such fun things to anticipate. I look forward to green instead of brown. :)
Tracy said…
Beautiful pictures Melissa! I'm looking forward to spring soccer season as our oldest 3 play on teams which means more outside time! I love all the colors and beautiful weather of spring! Thanks for linking up to NOBH!
noreen said…
Hi Melissa, I love your pictures of your yard. I can't wait for Spring! The snow and ice are almost all melted and I can feel Spring in the air!

We can't wait for spring here either!! Ready to start our garden soon!
Lisa said…
New life. That's what I look forward to every Spring. Spring is incredibly significant and personal to me and I love the new life it brings to flowers, plants, gardens, trees...and even to people. Doesn't everyone just seem extra friendly in the Spring?

Your pictures are gorgeous and your yard is beautiful! It looks so private and peaceful. What a blessing!
Lindsey V said…
How exciting! I love the apple/cherry blossoms! I, too, am looking forward to spring...more than words can describe!
Zelda said…
stopping by from NOBH
I'm loving the little snowdrops and crocus that are popping up - each day there is a new burst of colour :)
MommyKuehner said…
Stopping by from NOBH. Love your pictures!!!! I love Fall for colors, but after this winter I am so ready for Spring to start. We are all antsy!!!

Your play area looks awesome!

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