Why homeschooling?

"Home educating is a thankless job.  My husband wants me to do it and has the most invested in this project but even he forgets to throw me a parade very night."

"Home educating is very tiring. That is the thing. I just get tired. Tired of grading papers; tired of listening; tired of answering; tired of picking up; tired of holding, tired of wiping; tired of reading; tired of fixing; tired of correcting; tired of correcting again; tired of answering again; tired of reading; tired of listening again....I am so .....so....so tired..."

"Most importantly, and perhaps I don't say this often enough, my husband and I have come to the conviction that God's people should train their own children."

"Teaching my own children is a calling.  I am called of GOD to be the mother of my children (1 Timothy 2:15). Keeping my home, including training my children and managing our family's resources, is a responsibility on which our testimony hangs (Titus 2:3-5). This is not a task to be taken lightly. My very GOD has given it to me.  "

These are words written by Lea Ann Garfais and taken from her article in March/April issue of my Home School Enrichment magazine.   I was touched by her article and thought it had some great points and wanted to share them with you all. 


Mommy of 3 said…
I love this. It is so true. There are so many different emotions and thoughts involved with homeschooling. This sums it all up pretty well. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by to say hi.
kim said…
it certainly is a hard job. I applaud your conviction. I think you are doing a great job.

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