Breakfast for dinner?

Do you ever just not know what to make for dinner?  Or are you out of almost everything?  Why not try breakfast for dinner!  Linking up with Homegrown Learners today for there Wednesday "Whats For Dinner?" hop.   Plenty of ideas for dinner, so hop on over!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes....YUMMO


noreen said…
Hi Melis, we love breakfast for dinner at our house. It's a nice change of pace once in awhile.
Mommy of 3 said…
Hi Melissa,

We often have breakfast for dinner, and chocolate chip pancakes are at the top of our list. Sometimes we add whipped cream to the top if we had a great day! Thanks for sharing.
Jamie said…
I Love Chocolate Chip pancakes BUT Strawberry Pancakes are yummy!!!!I just use strawberry jam and syrup with FRESH Berries on the side with whipped topping.
Fresg eggs from the henhouse always added.

Okay I am hungry
This looks so good and I cannot beleive you have a tub of chocolate chips that big!! Oh my goodness, I could not have that in our house...I would be grabbing handfulls everytime I passed it!
SnoopyGirl said…
I love breakfast for dinner. Most often it is an omlet. I have to save pancakes for breakfast with my kids as my husband isn't so fond of them and would definitely not consider them dinner. LOL!
Ashlee said…
One of my very favorite dinners -- and Blair's too!! Yummo is right!

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