Crafty Morning with the Kids

It's Monday, the sun is shinning and we are crafting fools over here at the Joys of the Home Educating!  Our public schools are on Spring Break...not us...we are gearing up this week for a fun week of Earth activities and Easter teachings!  Here is our morning so far...

I made these for the Welcome Spring Playdate we had on Friday for the moms.

Originally I wanted a bunny, however, think it looks more like a

One of the chicks above uses these little flower pots...I had a bunch of them around,,,

Girls working on their projects for the Grandmas..

The little birdie nest is made with 1/2 of a toilet paper roll, some dollar store moss and other stuff we had around the house..

For the chick's nest, I put Elmers glue around the toilet paper roll, and rolled that into the moss..

We interupt this craftiness to bring you a concert from The Barbie Girls....oy this guitar...

Sammie showing her finished egg project (don't look Bubby)


Lindsay said…
cute!! Love them all :-) Yay for crafty time with the kiddos :-)
Robin said…
Love the bird in the nest. Too cute!
Jamie said…
Okay,Mama M~ Are you MARTHA today??
the one pot looks just like TWEETY BIRD.We have been busy dyeing eggs and now Zachary is playing with clay.The Sun is out but a slight chill in the air,the windows are open though.Did you watch Martha's Eggcellent EAster show last night,she has some cute printouts on her site.
Michelle said…
looks great!!
Lisa said…
You are just a bundle of crafting energy! Our craft time this week consisted of the kids painting the projects that came in craft kits given as birthday gifts. Oh well.

I might try that chick in the toilet paper tube. We have plenty of those, it's simple, and cute. My kids would love it!
The Adventurer said…
Love all the craft projects you do:) Very cute birds nest

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