Friday Plans and Giveaways end today

I just love this picture....YUP I see Friday right now!    Weatherman says Monday is suppose to be in the 70's in NYC so I am planning on taking the kids back to the Bronx Zoo.  Have not been in over a month!

Kids have Dr check ups this morning (yuk) and then my MIL is coming today to take Molly out to lunch (Friendly's) and Toys R Us for her birthday! So for a few hours I will only have two children to tend to....and maybe Sammie will actually be napping at the same time!  Oh mommy time....say it ain't

I have a Moms Night In tonight at a girlfriends house. She is making dinner, we all bring dessert to share. It's been requested I make the cake all remember these from Molly's birthday..

Don't forget the giveaways end today at 5 pm EST! 

LEGO Link Party still open until midnight too


Robin said…
Hope you have an great GNO! Enjoy your day!
Lindsay said…
yay for Friday!! I hope you have a great time and get a little mommy time this afternoon and yay for GNO :-)
Marissa ♥ said…
Happy Friday! Those cake pops look yummy! Enjoy your night with your girlfriends.
The Adventurer said…
Hope you got a little Me time. Have fun at the zoo. Thanks for linking up the NOBH

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