Good Friday, Earth Day and WE WON!

What a awesome day that the Lord has made today!  The sun is out....everyone is still sleeping...shhh...and I found out that we won a great Summer schooling program from Sun Scholars
 This is a HUGE burden off my shoulders!  

Happy Good Friday to you all!
Happy Earth Day!

If you are not familiar with the Summer program that Rachel has created...hop on over to Sun Scholars and check it out. It's affordable, its fun and she has done all the leg work for you!  

She also hosts a great link up party on Fridays for you to show off what you have been doing with your kids..check it out!

I am so excited to get the program and start planning school for the Summer!


Jamie said…
Good Mornig mama M~Congratulations and thanks for helping me through the HHH,I finally got the right thing
I will send prayers your way for beautful easter party weather.

THANKS a lot for the card,you really know when soemone needs to hear something so sweet.I cried while I was reading!!!!!!

I am going to be sending those CAt in the Hat books soon,I just have not made it to the Post Office.
Lindsay said…
yay what a great Friday!!
The Adventurer said…
Congrats always great when I hear bloggers I know win something:) thanks for linking up to the NOBH
Mary said…
Awesome! Congratulations :)

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