Happy Saturday! What I am obsessed with today!

Finally the sun is shinning and baseball opening day was today in our town. Great opening ceremony...

So we are outside most of the day so far, but I have to keep coming in to check on these:


You will see why when you go there!


Leontien said…
ohhh can i borrow some of that sun?

have a great day!
Tracy said…
Glad you could enjoy the sunshine with your family on the big diamond. I clicked on the web cam links and for some reason could not see anything pop up with the first video, but I did see the baby birds and mommy on video in second link! How cool is that? So amazing! I can see why you would be obsessed with observing nature up close like this!
noreen said…
Hi Melis, isn't wonderful to feel that warm sun after a long cold winter? Yay! I checked out the eagle links and on the second one, that poor mama eagle is hunkering down protecting her babies from a very strong wind!
Anonymous said…
Yay for baseball season and yay for baby eagles :-)

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