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Sun is shining today here in NY and the kids are all a buzz about Easter! 

 We are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for 25 kids and their parents on Saturday with a lunch to follow.  Calling for rain 8(    Either way, we will have fun!  Also hosting Easter Dinner for some friends and family...

Today is school we continued with our Easter lessons....kids loved it and learned so much!

This cross was given to my mother when she was married (I believe) to my father.  I have it now and it stays in our bedroom on my dresser. We were discussing the nailing of Jesus to the cross today so the kids wanted to check it out. Normally it's off limits to their little hands.

We watched The Very First Easter in the computer. I downloaded it from Amazon for the Kindle for PC.

Zachary then read the story in a book I made him.

Discussing lily's yesterday, today I had a picture for Molly...she said "Look mom, there are lilys in the picture just like we talked about yesterday in school."  (Hip Hip Horray, it's working)

Talked more about our planet and Earth day. We did a food chain activity.

I been having Zachary read out loud to his sister. Even though the contents of the book are below the level he normally reads at, I want him to get used to reading to others and showing the pages. Plus it's a fun themed book for now.

Zachary made up a Lego game for them to play. Only problem is, he was making up the rules as they went...poor Molly never had a chance of winning....lol

She made a Lego Battery (looks like her quad ride on battery she said...lol)

Hooking up with My Blessings from Above and her Lego Creation Thursday!
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JDaniel4's Mom said…
I hope everything goes well with the hunts. I will have to look for the video.
noreen said…
Hi Melis, your children are so cute! I hope you have warm and dry weather for your Easter Egg hunt! Have a Blessed Easter!
Beautiful activities! Very clever for the battery made of legos:-)

Best wishes on the egg hunt. We had ours last weekend and the rain managed to stay away (it was forecast to rain all day). So, I am wishing the same to you! It will be fun no matter what!

good luck with the hunt - wishing you great weather!

We have that Dora book - reading today when we color our eggs! The girls love it! :)
Marissa ♥ said…
I hope you have a sunny day for the Easter egg hunt! Have a wonderful & blessed Easter!

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