Helping Others....a call to action...

Something WE try hard to do in our home is teach our children about "giving back" to others. Others we don't know and sometimes people we do know, Last year, two awesome God lead opportunities come to mind. 

In the Spring, we held a Trike-A-Thon to raise money for St Jude Research Hospital. We were able to raise (along with other children and their parents) over $ 2000 to donate!  It was an easy undertaking and so rewarding for everyone involved!

Our son decided that he would also sell Lemonade at the Trike A Thon to the moms to raise more money! (Tearing up as I even type this...he has such a big heart)

All the participating kids!  

Last November, our children felt a heavy burden to help those people "living on the streets" (my daughter's words). So I thought that there has to be something they can "make" to sell and raise money.  They decided to make homemade soap for the holiday gift giving season and then donate the money to the local Food Pantry at a church in our town.  (see that post here!) They sold $ 75 worth of soap (at $ 3.50 a package). See their selling debut here! I was so proud of them  and they sold them ALL BY THEMSELVES at the gym, to friends, relatives etc.  The day we brought the money to the Food Pantry, we learned that the $ 75 they raised will buy 400 pounds (yes that is 400 pounds) of food from the County Food Bank to giveaway at the Local Food Pantry.  What a blessing!

So now this brings me to a family who needs some prayers and assistance!  Connie, who blogs over at Smockity Frocks, and her family are in a challenging situation right now. You can read what is going on here!  They need prayers!  They need help!  They need YOU!     If you feel that the Lord leads you to help them in any financial way, you can go to The Homeschool Village to donate through Paypal!

Thank you so much for reading the post and praying for the family!


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