Jacks Garden by Henry Cole

We are in full swing to our April Gardening unit today.  I received a call from our library that Jacks Garden by Henry Cole had come in for me. Picked that baby right up today and started in!  What a great book....here is what we did today!

Zachary working on his Scholastic Spring has Sprung work.

Talked about butterflies today

Lapbook I made up using this download by Preschool Creations

Great learning today!  


Lindsay said…
What a fun theme! We have been having a lot of fun gardening too :-)
Emily said…
I want to go to your homeschool! It looks like so much fun and you are fantastic with all your ideas! Amazing! :)
Mommy of 3 said…
Hi Melissa,

Oh what a beautiful little girl you have there. Such wonderful memories! I had to laugh when I read your thoughts on when you found out you were having a girl. My first 2 are girls and my youngest is a boy. I remember thinking to myself, "how am I going to be a Mommy to a little boy?" I wouldn't have it any other way now, but at the time I was a nervous wreak. God knows what he is doing though. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories!
Mommy of 3 said…
Oops, Melissa, I meant to comment under your post about Molly! I love the theme you have chosen for April. So fun and a great way to get outdoors as the weather starts to get warmer. It looks like you all had great learning day!
Rebecca said…
Those look like a ton of fun. I finally have ink for my printer....and can't wait tofinally start on some of our lapbooks again!! Found you on the hop this am...don't forget to link your twitter/fb accounts!
Heidi said…
I am looking forward to doing our gardening unit. We won't start here in NY for another 3 weeks! I just received Jack's Garden in the mail and am excited to get started! Stopping in from the Hop!
Jamie said…
Hey there Melissa~
Thanks a lot for your sweet comments and for your prayers.We are home now BC they moved my father to another room which is an great step for his condition and hopefully we will be taking him home soon.
Have you thought of ordering the BUTTERFLY KIT?That would be so cute for the kiddos to watch an butterfly hatch out!
we have flowers & butterflies coming up so a big thank you for the resources! :)

Loved the Do-A_Dot Butterflies - my girls LOVE working with those markers! :)

Jenny said…
It all looks fun. I printed off the garden pack, and I'm anxious to get started with our lessons. We love Jack's Garden.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I love your butterfly!
Wow! Looks like you are keeping your kiddos busy with lots of fun projects! Thanks for sharing at For the Kids Friday!!! Great ideas!

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