Looking back 4 years...

Four years ago today I (we) were preparing to bring our 1st daughter into this crazy world.  I was so NOT wanting to mother a daughter. I knew what she would be up against in this world and also knew that I was great being a mom to my boys, but on the drama that I knew went along with raising girls..sigh....I actually cried on the sono table when they told us at 20 weeks we were having a girl....the tech said "oh you are so happy"...I said "No actually I would like you to recheck that she is a she, please..."  lol

I am only being honest here...of course I am so happy now that we have two girls, Molly and Samantha...but all my fears are coming true...the drama...oh the drama...

Tomorrow is Molly's 4th birthday...4 seems like such a milestone for some reason.  I wanted to share some pictures with you over the last 4 years...she walked early (9 months), she spoke early (sing the ABC's clearly at 22 months - see this UTUBE Video of her singing.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skUcMD-OwUQ) and she does everything (or wants to) that her big brother does...

WOW Looking at this picture of Easter years ago...her younger sister, Samie is her twin!

Holding her sister...

Beach girl

Happens often...lol

modeling an outfit her Bubby (my mom) made

At the Bronx Zoo

One of her "bestest" days she will tell you...

1st Metro North Train ride into NYC

3rd Princess Birthday Party

1st Haircut

Sisterly love

Climber, explorer

The "attitude"

Love for her older cousin
Taken two days ago at her Ballerina Birthday Party

Taken today at Ballet Class

My how she is growing up.....

Happy Birthday my Princess!


Holly said…
She is adorable! Love all of the pictures! Happy birthday!
Hi Melissa,
As the mother of 4 girls, please know that you (we) are truly blessed! Girls can be difficult, trust me, the teen years are NOT easy!
In the long run, I wouldn't want it any other way! Girls are a gift!
Happy Birthday!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on being the Star Blogger and the Shining Blog Award over at Lynda's!!!

These pics are so wonderful! OH to have them that small again :)
Anonymous said…
What a sweet set of pictures! I loved watching her grow up in those pictures!
Tracy said…
Love your honest and heartwarming post here! I have 3 girls full of drama and so I can relate to what you said here :) Molly is a beautiful gift from God. Thanks for sharing these sweet photos! Thanks so much for your continued support for bloggers and NOBH each month! Congrats on your Star Blogger Award again and for being recognized by Lynda as a Shining Blog! Well deserved awards for sure! God bless!
phasejumper said…
I have to admit, I was relieved when I had only boys. Your daughter is precious! Great pictures! Happy Birthday!
The Adventurer said…
Happy birthday. Crazy I wanted a girl first because I had visions of a tight Mommy and daughter bond, doing hair, going shopping etc. but mine is a tom boy not interested in any of those things:)LOL I agree on the drama WHEW somedays can be a real challenge:)

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