A Mother's Homeschool Journey Week 13

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In my life this week…
The weather looks like it is finally becoming Spring like with warmer weather ahead!  Kids are in great need to be outside (ok I NEED them to be outside more…)  I am in the middle of 4 events I am planning….today is a playdate for 6 moms and kids at our house…WELCOME SPRING BBQ….life is busy….still on the Weight Watchers wagon…lost a total of 17 lbs so far! (clap clap)  I need to start making my list for camping - Mother's Day Weekend!   I am obsessed with watching these two Eagle Families and their eaglets. I posted the posts earlier in the week here.   I found out that I won a $ 25 GC to Target at The Ultimate Blog Party from last week! 

In our homeschool this week…
Monday –What a beautiful day!  We spent the day with friends at the Bronx Zoo.  Had school at the zoo – such a great place for learning.

Tuesday –Back to rain 8(   Molly had her ballet class…school as usual. Still studying plants and butterfilies (which BTW, the Butterfly garden at the Zoo was just getting going with only Swallowtails out)

Wednesday – In the plant theme, we did an experiment…using three different kind of beans we put them into clear cups with wet papertowels.  As of this morning(Friday), the black bean and the red kidney bean are sprouting!

Thursday – Kids all had dentist appts. sigh.... Our peds dentist is over an hour away so that was a trip in of itself.  Then we stopped off at a friends house for some playtime (great weather), stopped by a creamery on the way home for ice cream and then more play at our house.

Friday – We are hosting a WELCOME SPRING outdoor playdate today!  I am bbq chicken, made a mac salad and everyone is bringing something to share to eat.  Looking forward to it. We love playdates! 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…we went to the Zoo, visited with some friends we don’t see that often. Baseball season has begun. My husband coaches my son’s T Ball team and games are 2 times a week and a practice thrown in there. This is why we only let the kids do 1 thing at a time…crazy schedule!
My favorite thing this week was…seeing the kids back at the Zoo. We love it there. They are used to the path we take and know the animals coming up.

What’s working/not working for us…we are planning on schooling year round this year, however taking it lighter.  I am hopeful that we will be the winners of a contest that I entered over at Sun Scholars where she is offering a unit to a few lucky winners. It would take us pretty much thru the Summer months and she lays it all out for you. Go check it out if you are interested.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
I have a friend who is struggling with some issues with her children in public school…bullying, name calling etc…it has gotten in the way of her friendships with other moms and it makes me sad.  I am just thankful that I homeschool and our children are not exposed (at that level) to these things.  We get enough of it at the t-ball fields, soccer games etc.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…I wanted to say WOW and thank you to all the new followers. It seems that every time I log on there is a new friend hanging out with me!  I hope and pray that you are all able to find things to use, tidbits of information to take away from the blog.  I also want to shout out in a big way to my loyal followers who post nice comments and stop by every day....Lindsay, Jamie, Rebecca, Tracy and Robin!  Love you ladies!

I took this shot at at playdate yesterday.  Zachary has a ring on his head that goes to a ring toss game. I thought it made him look like an angel...which he is NOT!  lol....So had to get a great shot of him without a fake smile...love this picture


Crisc said…
Sounds like a great week! I was thinking of bullying last night when I read an article about a 7 year old getting plastic surgery so she wouldn't be bullied..crazy
Anonymous said…
Great share & a shout back to ya!

Whenever I see anything on bullying, I am instantly reminded of how grateful I am that we can homeschool and that I know my child is safe. It's an awful day we live in.

Hope you had a great time at the zoo!
Mary said…
Congrats on a successful week and on all your new followers :)
Misty said…
your playdates and such sound WONDERFUL!!!

as for the bullying, it's so crazy... crazy how out of hand all of this is getting.
Madame Rubies said…
We have the one activity rule as well. :)
Tina said…
17 lbs! Fantastic! Can't wait to see you in May. Love reading the updates....it's almost like we're "there". :)
Tracy said…
A good friend of mine has a son who has been bullied and it breaks my heart and I'm thankful my children aren't exposed to it every day in a public school setting. Have fun at your playdate picnic and beautiful pic of your little angel, btw! Your blog is always a fun and inspiring place to visit so I'm not surprised your followers are growing! Congrats on all your new followers! I'm not sure if I'm the Tracy you thanked for visiting you and commenting, but if so thanks and it's been fun getting to know you through your blog!
Becca said…
Every time I hear a particular friend of me expressing frustration or anger and so on about public school, I think "I have the PERFECT solution for that!"
Tiffany said…
What a busy week! The zoo trip sounds fabulous; we should really do that soon...

Congrats on the weight loss; that's a great accomplishment! I hope the BBQ was as fantastic as it sounds.

Stopping by from THJM; have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
What a great week!! I love that picture you shared! WTG on the 17 lbs that is great!!
Caroline said…
As I am the mom who is mentioned with the bullied son in public school, I would like to say a few things.
Once my son told me he was bullied, I emailed the teacher and she put a stop to it that day! I mean THAT DAY! We all want to protect our children from mean and hurtful people. The problem is I never thought the boy who bullied him would do that, they were very good friends.

If you want to home school that is your choice, mine is to send them to public school. my son is learning to stand up for himself and move forward. In a way he couldn't do if I was there for him, he is learning how to deal with people who are 2faced and mean as well as those who are nice.

As for adult friends lost from this, if you are a parent who wants to help your child grow, then teach them to be nice to others. I don't need to expose my children, outside of school, to other children they don't like or get a long with.

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