Seeds...seeds..and more seeds...

Rainy day here today...but not complaining...since yesterday was 80 degrees and sunny!  We are continuing with our unit on Planting and Seeds today....we did a seed craft...Scholastic learning activity about seeds and "planting" seeds in our clear cups....see below for explanations..

Craft today - seed flowers...I took double sided sticky paper and cut out leaves, stem and middle of flower. They drew the petals. 

Then using Kidney beans, Pinto beans and Black beans they stuck them to the sticky parts.

When done, they had seed flowers. 

Molly worked on her Scholastic Clifford Unit. Measuring using an inchworm ruler.

Zachary worked on his...all about seeds and sunflowers

Experiment time...let's hope this one

Using our same beans from the above craft, we "planted" them in cups, using water and paper towels.

Beans are inbetween the wet paper towel and the clear cup. 

Only a few in each cup and then we put them in the window where they will stay for 2 weeks. We just need to keep a out 1/4 of the cup of water filled...let's see what happens... 8)

Whatcha working on today?


you are always doing something FUN!
We did the seeds in a cup w/paper towel and it worked terrifically :). They sprout pretty quickly too.
Lindsay said…
What a fun day! It was raining here yesterday but the sun is out today. Not as warm as it has been but still a wonderful day!
Coming over from Preschool Corner. I love all the fun that you had with this activity! Great ideas!


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