Toddler Time Tuesday

Have you been having a fun time this Spring with your toddler?  What are you teaching?  What are they learning?  Would love for you to share with us!

Sammie's been crafting...

A concert or two...

sandbox playdates...

Lovin' Spring with friends

Crusin' with her

Reading Franklin

Saying Hi to The Easter Bunny!

It's been a soggy Spring here, but we are making the best of it!

If you get a chance, we would love for you to vote for our little homeschooling can see the button on the top of our blog to the right!  Circle Of Moms...thanks so much!


Lindsay said…
Yay so much fun learning and enjoying life! I love the concert picture :-)
Rebecca said…
Oh, those little toddler years go by too children are all past that stage, youngest turning 5....I am going to miss his chubby little hands/cheeks....oh, I sneak kisses all of the your sweet post and you always bring a smile to my face too, sweet friend!

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