Arrhhh Matey's...It's a Pirate Playdate (warning: lots of pictures)

Ahoy Buccaneers....Captain Mel Sparrow here....sharin' some pics of our Pirate Playdate.  These pictures are not for any pirates you are lily-livered..Yo-ho-ho....
(credits are at the end of the post if you would like to find
out where we got our FREE Pirate Printables!)

The decor....

I made maps for each of the children

Each child received a hat to wear

The craft...making spotting scopes

Wouldn't be a pirate party without a few pirates walking the plank!

the Grub...

Game time...indoor bubbles (from Gymboree)

Little FREEZE dance...

We had a great day celebrating all things Pirates!

FREE Pirate Hats, banner printables, cupcake flags, cupcake holders,  straw flags - Cottage Industrialist
Red & White straws - Garnish
Food tags (used some printables from this great Homeschooling website and her Pirate Preschool Pack) - Homeschool - Homeschool Creations

NOTE:  My goal was to host this playdate and not spend a dime, outside of food, for the decor, crafts etc. All you see are things I had around the house, including the costumes! 


Oh, what fun! We did a pirate party for Wesley a couple of years back. I love all of your pictures. Looks like a great party!
Tracy said…
I must say I'm quite impressed you put so much love and creativity into playdate gatherings! Great pictures and decorations! Looks like everyone had so much fun! :)
Arghh, me hardy, what a fab. party!

LOVE IT! winks-jen
Stef Layton said…
Rachel said…
What a wonderful playdate. We are having a pirate birthday party for our son's 4th birthday. Great ideas & wonderful pictures!
Anonymous said…
What a fun pirate playdate! Looks like it was a great time had by all :-)
Wow, this is just a playdate? Looks like a full blown party!! Great job, looks like they had loads of fun! Yo-ho-ho
Following you now from
melismama said…
thanks ladies...yup just a morning playdate....
Wow!! What a fun playdate!
I love how they all dressed up :)
Honest Mommy said…
Everything looked awesome as always!! You ROCK!!!
what a fun playdate!
Pyratess said…
I LOVE this!!! I wish I had seen it back in APRIL before I spent so much money on my sons Pirate birthday! All you were missing was a pirate ship cake.

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