CEC & School today

We took a break from our "routine" this morning and met up with some friends at Chuck E Cheese (aka  CEC). We get there nice and early before most of the crowd and we usually have the place to ourselves!  As the case this morning.  It did get busier towards lunch time, but by that time we have eaten and played...ready to head home for school!  

I like the kids to wear brighter colors when we are out, makes it easier for me to identify them in a crowd!

A great friend of ours. Maris (love that name!)

It's a race...who will win?  Probably neither since their feet don't touch the petals...LOL

Molly with another friend Sarah playing air hockey

More of our friends!  

Continuing with our Honeybee unit and our Mail (Sun Scholars) Unit....fun at school today!

Parts of the honeybee worksheet - found it at that great Scholastic Site I mentioned yesterday!

Made Bee Thumb prints with the hives

More work on the Sun Scholar Program - address book

Molly sorting the mail from smallest to largest.

Stamps...what do they mean? Why is there numbers on them?  Who picks the pictures?
Lots of questions today from the kids regarding stamps!

Made our own stamps!  Molly's has a flower on it and
she put $ 10 on hers....lol

Zachary made a LEGO character (of course) and put $ .20 on his...lol

Great day (despite the rain!)


The Adventurer said…
CEC was a great place to hang out with little ones. I used to to that when I lived in MO:) They don't have any over here in jolly old England. Just "like" you on Facebook:)
Tina said…
Those bees are adorable. Looks like a fun day at CEC. :)
SmileMonsters said…
My boys love making anything with their thumb prints. I'd love for you to drop by Fun For Kids Friday and link up!


Jo@ SmileMonsters
I love the finger print art! We used it to make a card for my daughter's teacher.

I am having a bog giveaway. $30 store credit to get a super hero cape from pip and Bean! Check it out!
Heather said…
Looks like the kids had a great time! Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!

Heather @ Local Fun for Kids

Lori said…
Those bumble bees are the cutest!

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