Farmers Market Fun!

Today is our official last day of 1st grade!   We start Summer School, lots of review and prep (and American History) in a week!  We are taking next week off as a break and to regroup!  Here is our fabulous morning spent with friends at the Farmer's Market...picnic lunch and playtime!

Yeah, those did not last long....

Coppin' a squat and having a picnic!

There's Bubby picnicking with us!

Darling huh!  

I brought our parachute with us today...had a ball with it!


Our friends...

Sammie and her BFF, Jackson..they are only 2 weeks apart in age and have known each other
since babies...they are hugging and falling down...they did this about 10 times cracking up!

Cant believe we got them all to sit for 30 seconds to snap this...

Me and the mommas!  We had others with us also but could not
get them in the picture quick enough before we left...

On to Party decorating...gotta run!


Jamie said…
sounds like lots of fun filled action with great friends.Have fun planning the next party.I am trying to help out with my neices sweet sixteen for next month.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely morning! The strawberries look delicious!
Stef Layton said…
what a GREAT last day - woo hoo !!
Aimee said…
Great pics! We love farmers markets!
Tammy said…
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I am following your blog now though ;)

Have a great day!

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