Fire Ants and other creepy bugs!

In our mid-week lesson today we learned about Fire Ants. We learned we don't ever want to see one!  lol   We also had a great morning outside and looked for ant "hills" or signs of ant houses under ground. We found some...and then some more!

You can clearly see the dirt that the ants "dug" out. Under were all these holes in the

We found this awesome specimen of a Millipede!  
My camera lens cap is 3 inches round...This is a big guy!

Picture of a fire ant. Their sting is pretty hurtful.

As we were having our lesson, an ant decided to join in for school today. You
can see him on the edge of my papers were cracking up!

Continued with our Sun Scholar Program in talking about animals today. 
The topic today was Vets and their role.

Molly doing some cutting and pasting.

Her Pizza!

You can see, Sammie did not nap 8(  So she is having school with us today...

Molly's allergies are kicking in now that we are inside...eyes are real bad today 8(

The day is beautiful here in NY.
 We are keeping all those families affected by the tornadoes and floods
in our prayers!


We have fire ants all over here. And sadly we found out a couple months ago that our daughter is allergic. We are hoping it's not as bad as we think (the reaction came from 1 ant bite). She had her annual checkup yesterday and we got a Rx for an epipen (just incase).

Hope Molly's allergies go away soon!
Terri said…
Looks like you had a fun day! We are all too familiar with the fire ants. Their bites are so painful and my poor son seems to attract them. :(

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