Giveaway Winner & School today

Monday Monday - School time...
Still on bugs this's topic was Ladybugs.
I was so surprised what we learned today...

Did you know...Ladybugs live for up to a year.
Did you know....Ladybugs flap their wings 85 times a second when they fly.
Did you know...Ladybugs sometimes play dead when they are scared.
Did you know....there are over 4000 different kinds (and lots of colors) of ladybugs.

Bet you didn't!

Z trying to flap his arms 85 times a go!

Recapped our Camping Adventure from the weekend with
this great book!

Ok on to the winner of the Night Owl Giveaway!

Thank you to all whoooo entered the Night Owl Party Giveaway in honor of my little Ultimate Night Owl, Sammie

 Random Org picked number 1 - Lindsay!

Here is what Lindsay said about her favorite bird: I think one of my favorites is the Blue Jay! They are really pretty and we see them in our backyard.. Still trying to catch a picture of one! I don't know how many birds can do this but blue jays can take whole nuts like peanuts back to their nest and crack them at their leisure

I will mail our your package tomorrow!  Congrats!


Robin said…
Congrats, Lindsay!
Great pics, Melis!
Lindsay said…
oo yay just saw this post!! Thanks for the giveaway!! 85 times wow thats a lot.. wonder how that compares to hummingbird!

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