Ice Cream Party today!

Chasing the rain away today with an Ice Cream Party Playdate!  We had to bring the party "inside" into the garage due to the weather, but worked out just fine!

Here is how the day looked.....dreary, raining, damp....outside

Here is how the day looked inside (the garage)

(Wooden spoons from Garnish)
(Also I had found these cute FREE Printables on line - her party is SOOO CUTE, you must
check it out!)

Had some fun with ice cream crafts...

Group Shot (most of them anyway)

some Rain time fun also...

The "big kids" watching a movie inside.

Pretending to be an ice cream

My girls...

Goodies to take home...

Lip Glosses

Yo Yo's

Great start to what will be a very wet and rainy week!  


Michelle said…
Looks fantastic and fun!!
Anonymous said…
Looks like so much fun!!!
Rebecca said…
I love all of your parties! Looks like you've been having a blast lately! Big hugs, sweet friend!
Lisa said…
Great ice cream party!
Tracy said…
It looks like a blast and oh so yummy! Beautiful day despite the rainy weather! Thanks for sharing on NOBH ! :)
KAT said…
the best party ever and most delicious
Tina said…
Great party and great pics! Love the one of Molly and Sammie together. <3
Great party! Funny I stumbled on this the printables are from my Ice cream party on my blog.
melismama said…
Anne, Oh thank goodness you stumbled upon me! I wanted to link back to your daughters party so I can give you credit for the printables. I just added it to my post! Your party was sooo cute!

Thank you!


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