Ladybugs and Baby birds

We picked up my new truck this morning!  So nice, thanks honey!  Then we came home and did yard work....Our ladybug larva arrived in the mail today so we were able to get them into their Ladybug Home and watch them! 

We had to put a small amount of water onto a little sponge.

Daddy put them in so we had no casualties.  There are about 6 or so
larva. It will be fun to watch them develop.

I was also stalking a robin's nest today to catch a glimpse of the babies mouths' open!  I got tons of pics but only 1 was clear enough for you to see

You can see 1 of the babies with his mouth open. There are three total.  So cute
when the mom or dad brings back the food. 

We were able to get the lawn mowed and some flags put around before a little rain.


Lindsay said…
what a wonderful day!!
Jamie said…
that is going to be so neat.

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