May School Plans

May is fast approaching and we are full steam ahead with our fun unit studies!  

Our 1st camping trip is scheduled for May 6 - 8th. Looking forward to it! 

May 2011

Unit Studies this month:

Great Outdoors – camping, fire safety, 1st aid, cooking (also using the Summer Sun scholars Program for this unit)

Animal Fun – visit to a farm, studying farm animals (using the Summer Sun Scholars Program for this unit)

Memorial Day – what does it mean?  Why do we celebrate it?

Science:  Bugs – nature hikes, studying our bugs in the yard (bees, spiders and other insects)

National Physical Fitness Month – outdoor activities

Planting – continuing to watch our plants and plant our herbs

what are you plans for school for May?


Crisc said…
I didn't have a plan for May so I'm thinking I should just follow your Great units, sound fun!
Anonymous said…
Kudos for having your month planned. I really need to give this some thought this afternoon.

Have a blessed day!
Mary said…
It looks like you have a fun month planned. We will just be plugging away at our regular pace. There are some history related art projects coming up and we may have a field tirp to an IMAX show.
Tracy said…
Looks like fun! We will be celebrating my daughter's 11th birthday in May, watching a puppet show with our homeschool group, Homeschool Field Day and closing out another school year :) Have a great day!
Lisa said…
Sounds like a fun month! I'll try to remember this for next year so that we can finish our studies and just enjoy the month of May with unit studies like that. :)
Heidi said…
We are doing an extensive garden/plant/flower/insect/bird all rolled into one study!

I am using The Very Hungry Caterpillar with my little one as a stemming point for so many things. As well as Jack's Garden which is full of plants, bugs, flowers etc.

Sounds like you have a fun month planned! Wish we could get to camping so soon! Our first trip will probably be July 4th!
Chauny said…
wow, great planning, I was never that organized when I was still homeschooling.
noreen said…
Hi Melis, how was your camping trip? I hope you had great weather and were still able to celebrate Mother's Day!
Zelda said…
I also am encouraging alot of planting and plant studies (just a posh word to make them help more in the garden LOL)Visiting fron NOBH
Pamela said…
What a fun month you have planned. My youngest just graduated this year but I still love reading what others are doing. I find so many fun projects for my grandblessings! God will sure bless you for your diligence in teaching your child his subjects steeped in truth.


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