Night Owl Giveaway

I am getting prepared for a big birthday party today!  

Samantha turns 2! 
Happy Birthday Sammie!

We are having a "Night Owl" Birthday for her since she does not sleep well at night and up a lot! (be watching the blog for pictures later)

In celebration of my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday today I am giving away a "Night Owl Party Pack" to 1 lucky follower! 

Here is what you will receive (all new items)

1.  Scholastic Book - Science Vocab Reader - Tree Homes 
2.  Scholastic Book - Science Vocab Reader - Incredible Owls
3.  Book - I Love Trees
4.  Bottle Top  Owl Magnet - made by a lady with this Etsy Shop. I gave these out to the moms at today's party.
5.  Travel Chalkboard - it is made from fabric on 1 side and a flexible chalkboard fabric on the other. They work great!  Comes with chalk and eraser! (Owl print on opposite side shown) - from this great Etsy Shop (I bought these for each child at the party to give as a gift) These are awesome for travel, restaurants and stroller time.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite bird and a fact about that bird.  I will be away for the weekend so this giveaway will be open until Sunday night, May 8th.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said…
I think one of my favorites is the Blue Jay! They are really pretty and we see them in our backyard.. Still trying to catch a picture of one! I don't know how many birds can do this but blue jays can take whole nuts like peanuts back to their nest and crack them at their leisure!
Katrina said…
By living in Florida I love birds!!!! Of course the Flamingo and it gets its red color from its food. There is also the whooping crane which I am pretty sure they mate for life!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com
Anonymous said…
I think my favorite bird is the blue jay because that is that bird that is mostly in our yard. they were building a nest on top of our porch light, but my husband decided to prevent them from doing that by putting tin foil on top. We have lots of birds ion our yard and spend a big chunk of time just bird watching
Erin said…
Hi! I just discovered your blog through hip homeschool moms and love it! And what a creative (and hilarious!) idea for a party! I am an avid bird lover and am doing my part to make my kiddos bird lovers as well. :) One of my favorite birds is the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. A fun fact about them is that they are the only bird that can fly backwards! Nice to "meet" you and looking forward to reading more of your posts! Now following!
Megan said…
We love owls, too! Each Spring we have babies in our front trees! Fun to watch!

musicalmary said…
My favorite bird is the Chickadee - I know it is a winter bird found frequently in our neck of the woods.!! Happy Birthday to your little princess!!

Be sure to enter the giveaway at my blog today - your kids would love it!
Angela W. said…
I like macaws. Interesting fact... Macaws facial feather patterns are as unique as human fingerprints. No two alike.
Alex said…
I have two favourite birds but my very favourite is the Peacock.

Interesting fact: in Christianity, the peacock is an ancient symbol for eternal life. It also represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity.

lol I had no idea about that until I looked online for some neat facts about them.

alexpominville at gmail dot com
Katie said…
I really like Hawks, especially after having them as a college mascot. I thought it was interesting that a hawks cry is often described as sounding similar to a steam whistle
Kathryn said…
I really like flamingos because well, they are pink!

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