School at the Bronx Zoo today...

What a FABULOUS day at the Bronx Zoo and in NYC overall today. Mid 70's with sun and a breeze, you can't get much better than that!  I took the kids back to the Zoo today for school!  We adventured over towards the Asian area with the monorail and Jungle World.  We had never been over that way in ALL our 2 doz. Zoo visits and boy are we glad we did!  We saw some awesome insects, creepy crawlers and animals! 

  So much to learn at the Zoo.

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I did not bring my big SLR camera and the pictures are not as good as usual)

I watched this river otter take this large stone and move it into the was too cool.

A taper, the girls were excited to know that one of Diego's animals was there!

This awesome black panther would not turn his head for the camera, every time I took the camera away, he would turn!  brat!

The kids getting ready for the monorail to take off!

The Bronx River from the Monorail, we went right over the top of it.

A wild horse from China. Way cool!

The kids talking to one of the animal helpers about Hyenas.
 Did you know that the female Hyena "runs the household"!

Went into the Tiger Mountain area to learn about Tigers, poaching and hunting them. Very sad 8(

We said a Wood Fairy might be living in the bottom of this tree!

What a great day!


Anonymous said…
What a fantastic place to have school! Oh how much fun! The bonus is the learning that goes along with visiting the zoo!
Tracy said…
This looks like so much fun and educational too! You are blessed to live near such a huge zoo to learn so much! Thanks for sharing your adventure on NOBH!
Anonymous said…
What a great zoo and a perfect day! I so wish we had one closer!!

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