School Outdoors today!

What better "classroom" than God's Green earth!   We are having some wonderful weather this week (and praying it continues thru the weekend for our camping trip!).  We decided to have school outside on our patio today!  Still continuing with our bug unit and our Summer Sun Scholar program!

Our "outdoor desk"

Noticed a Robin flying in and out of a bush we have right next to the patio. She had a nest.
Funny thing is, if you see that blue streak of paper inbedded into the nest?  It's Easter Grass...
must be she found if left over after our Soggie Egg Hunt!

From the Summer Sun Scholars Program. Making up
an address book!

Of course his 1st entry is his camping buddy and BFF, Mike!

More on bugs!  

Bug hunt lead to finding an interested beetle. Sorry the picture was blurry.

His Venn Diagram from his Butterfly/Moth Scholastic News. 
This was the 1st one he had ever done. He liked them!

After school was over...we went a few feet to our backyard
playground!  Enjoying the nice weather!


What a blessing that we can do that when we want to! Looks like a great day.
Tina said…
Awww...lovin' the address book!
Mary said…
Fun! I love school outside, we don't do it often enough. :)
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful day to be learning outside!
Anonymous said…
I just love your set up! I can't wait til we can have school outside.
Lynda said…
What a fun way to have school. We need to start heading outdoors for more fun in the sun. Thank you for linking up at NOBH. Happy Mother's Day!

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