This week i noticed a few large ants here and there on the floor. Each day I noticed a few more and a few more ( I was sucking them up with my little Dyson and letting them outside).  So today, I saw one go behind the molding on the wall. I used a hammer and pried the molding away and found this.

But to my surprise, there were no ants coming in or out of the this nice hole in our wall.

Here is what WAS in this hole...

Two mice skeletons.  We are thinking they were there long before us
 (we have been in the house 4 1/2 yrs) 
otherwise we would have smelled them rotting at some point.
The tiny vertebrate in their tails was SOOO small.

The skulls still had the teeth attached (front teeth anyway)

Here is the nice mess that was inside!

Have not seen any ants in about 6 hours, so that is good...maybe the word got out
that there is a crazy lady sucking them up as fast as they appear!


Michelle said…
Ohhh gahhh!!! I just got goose bumps everywhere.....YAHALSGNKDSHMGSLA:W
kewkew said…
oh ewwwwwwwww yuck yuck yuck. Hubby wants the skeletons though. NOT!
Crisc said…
O MAN!!!!!!
Oh my goodness, that is gross. Guess you can check science off for the day. ;)
Emily said…
ewww! nasty! the plus side is that they are very dead. :)
musicalmary said…
Gross! (yet blog-worthy). I like it! ;-)
Krissy W. said…
For a second there, I thought it was the shedding of snake skins or something along that line. Still, mice skeletons are just as bad.
Tina said…
What an odd thing to have hiding in your wall! Gross...but kinda cool. I love that you are sucking the ants up and letting them go outside. LOL I have never been so kind when dealing with bugs! When will we see a reconstructed mouse skeleton making its way into the lesson plans? :)
Honest Mommy said…
Gross!! I wouldn't be surprised to find something like that in this house but I have no desire to look!!
Though, I do suck up the ants too...along with the spiders!!
noreen said…
Yikes Melis, I live in very old house and there could be many mice skeletons in the walls. Through the years, we've seen a mice or two and set up traps plus I always have mouse poison year round to insure that I don't see these critters running around my house. So, there may be a number of skeletons in my walls. We've never smelled a thing. Thank God!

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