Wacky Wednesday...

It;s another Wacky Wednesday here at The Joys of Home Educating...what made it Wacky you ask?  Well we had school in the morning vs. after lunch!  We are so busy here at the house getting ready for the big birthday bash tomorrow and leaving for camping on Friday, that we had to sneak in school quick today!

Preschooler - Sammie doing her shapes match up.

Molly working on her lapbooks

sammie putting her flower puzzle together

Reading about Lady Bugs today

How bugs migrate and where they go.

Kids were playing a fun insects domino game that we have.

Read a few Mother's Day related stories

Broke out our Math Deluxe Game - always a good one for "off" times.

Working on our Summer Scholars Program - Family Trees

And made the Chocolate Covered Oreos for the party tomorrow too...

whew...in fast mode today.....


Ditto on what Lindsey said...I want to know how you plan!! I imagine you stay up late at night to do it all (just my guess).

Oh, and those chocolate covered oreos look sooo yummy!!!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I hope you have you have a wonderful Mother's Day, party, and camping trip. I decided to have BBQ with my guys on Friday and save Sunday for my mother in-law and Saturday for my mom.

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