Wrapping up with Ladybugs

Glad to have blogger back up to post at least...I know they will be restoring our posts from Thur and Fri also so hang tight!  I have a giveaway that ends today, but I will be extending it since the site was down so long..

Anyway on to school.......We finished up ladybugs today and will be studying Honeybees next week!

One of Zachary's assignments this week was to make a bug using his Lego and Bionicle Pieces. 
Nice one huh!

Molly doing some of her number recognition

Coloring beetles

Let Zachary learn how to use his Multiplication Slide Table today 
with his Math worksheet.

Found a great "on line" puzzle site for kids....all ages! 

We talked about how bugs were MUCH bigger millions of years ago. Theory is that the carbon in the rocks changed and so did the size of insects over time. Thank God I have never seen a dragonfly as big as cat before - that's how big they were long ago! 

We have been using this great book this week to understand how our eyes see something and our 
mind tries to figure it out.  This book is awesome!

Zachary trying the on line jig saw puzzles too 
You can change the cut count up to 50 pieces I believe. 
Molly uses the 10 pieces and Zachary used the 20 pieces.
It also has a timer on it!

PS We will be touching back again on Ladybugs as we are waiting
for our live larva to arrive to hatch our own!

PSS - want to thank Blogger for being down so long, forced me to step away
from the computer and clean my house! lol


Michelle said…
Yay for the clean house!
Love that multiplication slide and the puzzle site!

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