A mouse, a cookie and a day at the ballet

Over the weekend, Molly had a ballet recital to attend. It was her class and the entire studio company, year end recital, however, she did not participate due to coming into the class late in the year. Nevertheless, we went and watched!

Today in summer school (preschool) we started our week long series on If You Give a Mouse A Cookie!  this is a great Summer Sun Scholar program that Molly is in love with!

We had to sign the book out of the library because out of the entire series of these books
this is the one we DON'T have...lol

I cut out a printable that was provided in the Summer Sun Scholar program of cookies. 
I numbered them 1 - 12
she had to put them in order

Then I gave her m&m's to put on the cookies, the same number of candies that corresponded with 
the number on the cookie!  After that...her and her brother ate them...lol

Then she worked on this great lesson by Ingles360 that I got off of Currclick!

                                                  She did great matching up the two sides of the words & pictures!

Now gotta go make some popcorn for our 3 pm snack!  See ya!


Lindsay said…
What fun! I love that book!
noreen said…
How cute Melis. Your daughter seemed to enjoy learning and playing at the same time.

That seems kind of harsh that she wasn't allowed to participate in the year end recital. Was she really disappointed?
SnoopyGirl said…
We love that book and the series too. Great learning activities too. I love to pair a great book with some learning fun.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I love that she wore a costume too. The counting activity looks like fun. JDaniel would probaby eat the M&M's.

Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. This counts as an entry in the Summer Reading Challenge.

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