Babysitting....leaving the kids...and school

When I was young I think I was baby siting from the age of 12..multiple kids...for an entire Summer...We all know times have changed and trusting people with our children is always a concern. Up until tonight, our children have ONLY had a family member, grandma, older brother "baby sit" them. 

 Tonight this about to change!  

We are blessed to have great neighbors who have three daughters who happen to be triplets. They turn 13 this month (my where did the time go...)!  My children love them and I would bet that the feeling is mutual. 

 Last Summer they came over 1 day a week and worked for us as a "mother's helper"...this year they are repeating that (started yesterday). Gives me a chance to catch up on house work, laundry, coupon cutting, returning phone know the things that always get pushed off because our children need our attention.   

SOO... tonight my husband has a colleague of his that is taking him (and now me - insert Happy dance) out to dinner to a local restaurant that we LOVE....I saw an opportunity for us to be out of the house without children for a few hours and only less than 2 miles away!  You betcha I jumped at it. 

So I asked our neighbor if the girls would want to come and babysit...for a few hours!  They took us up on our offer! Funny thing is, I am not nervous at all to leave them in their hands...

School these past few days - it's been raining cats and dogs and I think I saw a few ducks even...

Love the alphabet bingo dauber sheets!  So did Molly

Created by Jolanthe @

LOVE THIS GAME - Zingo...great gift too!

Math facts - using the timer...

repurposed some cardboard that came inside
some new pasta bowls...they make
great flowers

The sun is peaking out...time to get out of this house!


Michelle said…
It all looks and sounds wonderful!!!
Lindsay said…
Yay for a night out! Sounds like the perfect fit!
Honest Mommy said…
That's awesome!! You are lucky to have those girls right next door and already familiar with your kiddies!! Hope you had a GREAT night:)
Sarah said…
Looks great! Glad you had a night out!
Tina said…
That's great! Can't wait till our neighbor girls are just a year or two older. Glad you guys had a nice night out!

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