Busy day in Summer School.....

Day 2 of Summer School and the kids are already asking for MORE work (only allotted for about an hour a day of "official" school)...so I give them what they want!  

We started off the day with a Happy Birthday party (the girls set it up) with cake and all!  And a concert for momma!

Looks yummo huh!

We were the host family...so Tad and Dora joined us...

Little Freeze Dancing too..

Music time....keeping beats...

Then they wanted to do "school"....so when in Rome...It's Tuesday so that ment "Timeline Tuesday  - American History"...however I was not ready for that yet so the kids did their Math Fun Facts Deluxe Game for about 1/2 hour!

Then Molly and I (and the other two) decided to continue with our Sun Scholar Program today
and have some fun with Science!  Using our program and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book..
we did this experiment and boy it was COOL!

Materials needs:   Milk, food coloring, qtips, plate and dish soap

Pour milk into onto your plate until it is covered.
Take your food coloring and put 4 dots of it close together
in the middle but not touching.

Then have the kids put a qtip (plain) in the middle of where
the food coloring is not. Watch what happens...she never moved the qtip!

Cool huh...now try it this way...

Put a dab of dish soap at the end of the qtip this time and repeat...

He never moved the qtip and look what it made!  Beautiful! 

There are many more easy experiments in the Sun Scholar Program!  You
should really consider it for your Homeschool!  

After that...clean up and get out our Ladybug Dome..we have some to RELEASE today!

If you remember, we did a Ladybug unit and ordered our larva.

We had 3 to release and still more coming!

Zachary did not hesitate to reach right in and get them...

He said it tickled...lol..

Then after lunch...onto to Timeline Tuesday - American History!

Took out his new map that Bubby (AKA my mom) brought him...

We learned about the Indians, Leif Erikson, and Christopher Columbus today!

Keeping a timeline...hope to have a HUGE timeline when the Summer is over!

What did you do today?


Aimee said…
wow! that looks like a lot of fun!
Honest Mommy said…
I can't believe how much you get done!! I think it's great that you can do this for your kids:) Wish I had the patience but I definitely do not have it in me!!
Though, I think I might have to try the experiment with the mild...DJ would love it!!!
You guys had tons of fun, I can see! I love that milk experiment too (as do the kids). I'll have to pull that one out again soon. Thanks for sharing this at For the Kids Fridays!! And thrilled to have you as one of my Summer Scholars! You are awesome!!!
Just Jaime said…
Looks like tons of fun! Thanks for the milk idea!
musicalmary said…
The color changing milk is so much fun...we did that (a la Steve Spangler science) last year. We also did the whole ladybug thing, centered around The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. Homeschool Share has adorable things to go with that, btw! You always amaze and impress me, Melissa. :-)

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