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My thoughts on playdates/parties/gatherings...

Let me start by saying this is not a "justification" post but a post on WHY I do what I DO...Besides homeschooling our children, I love to throw a great playdate/party/gathering (yup that's right). Call it whatever you want to, but don't judge me for some, my parties might seem "extreme"....lots of money spent (wrong), lots of time went into them (right), lots of LOVE went into them (double right).  

Love how I found a re-purpose for my chidrens' crib at her Night Owl Party!

I see so many wonderful parties out there in blog land and am in awe of them.  A lot of you will say that there are parties out there are very extreme and just a "show off"...might be true...but I know in my heart of hearts, if I had the means (financially and otherwise) I would be one of those moms who has a pony ride, carnival rides and $ 20 goodies bags for our childrens' parties.

  I am reminded this past week that life is short, precious, not to be taken for granted, live each day as a celebration. My friend lost her husband on Friday to a heart attack and now she and her two small children are left without a husband and daddy.  I feel such a sense of loss for her.  I don't know how I would pick my pieces up and recover from such a devastation like that, I would, but it would be hard as you can imagine. Puts things into perspective for most...

When I was in my teens, I was diagnosed with cancer, non-hotchkins lymphoma. Today they have wonderful treatments for this type of cancer, but back in 1983, not so much. I was given 2 years to live. (we all know how that turned out)...Went through many surgeries, chemotherapy, side effects, told I could probably not have children ( me Fertile Myrtle) was not a pretty family split sister and I had such a distance between was at a very low point for my entire family!  It was not acceptable!  I am a fighter, a survivor and liver of life!  I was saved by the Grace of God alone and HE has given me this passion that I "run" with and welcome into my heart...we all have different passions, talents (how I wish I could sew) and blessings.

 So what does all my rambling mean?   It means....I WANT to celebrate each day....give our children wonderful parties, celebrations, playdates and share them with our friends. I WANT to invest the time, the effort and sometimes the money into celebrating life. I go BIG or go home...but that does not mean that you have to!   Each mom, family, situation is different..not to be compared to ours..I am no Super Mom...just super in love with my family and providing every Joy I can for them!

If you are some of the special people in our lives who share these special events with us, I pray
you are blessed by our gatherings and continue to enjoy them! 

Just sayin'.....


Lindsay said…
Well said! I am glad you are embracing life and living it to the fullest. I know a lot of us can use that reminder :-) ((HUGS))
Jeanine said…
i'm one of those moms too! i make a big deal over my kids' birthdays. there are always themes and everyone we love is invited. they are always big and memorable. i didn't have any kind of celebration growing up for my birthdays, so maybe i overcompensate now. everyone has fun though and we don't get frivolous and spend too much money, so it's okay :)
Kimberly said…
I am very thankful to get to experience your parties!! My kids and I enjoy them to the fullest...every bit of time and love you put into them is worth it!! Especially when you see the reactions from the kids (and parents)...I soak up all the celebrations I can! Life IS too short, and as far as we know we only get ONE to live!!! I understand your feeling of people judging you about the extravaganzas. My husband and his family are from the "no big deal" school of thought, whereas my family has always had big birthdays, Christmases, etc. Even though we didn't have a lot of money growing up, my parents always made sure we had great holiday celebrations...not just about presents, but the whole experience. I just think that people ARE worth making a big deal about, especially when you love them sooooo much!!!! They deserve it!! Thank you so much for throwing all your wonderful playdates/parties/celebrations........there's not many friends out there like you, you're very special to me!
Caroline said…
Wow, I love your parties and I sometimes think you go overboard, but I am glad someone does it. I try but can't do it, parties that is. I can sew though, and love the fact that it gives me peace and solitude and a sense of life and fulfillment the way parties do for you.

I love the fact that you stick to your guns on homeschooling, it is not for me. And to each her own, we all make our own choices in life.

Thank you for being my friend when I have needed one, be strong and carry on!
melismama said…
Lindsay - thank you momma! 8)

Jeanine - love it!

Kimberly - 8) I am glad we met and our children are growing up together! We love having you at our parties too! 8)
Oh I hope people were not giving you trouble for your party posts. You led me to that great party website (and I even posted my spa party there). :) That spa party was hands down the cheapest party birthday I have thrown. It may have been a little more work, but it was a lot less money. I enjoy reading your posts...and did I mention I wish I lived closer?? ;)
melismama said…
Caroline - you have such a talent! I only can dream about sewing like you! And those piƱatas you made (flower) ones a few years ago for Katie's birthday ROCKED! Glad I can be "here" for you! 8)
Karen said…
I love reading your blog - and I love seeing the parties that you throw. Sometimes people don't take the time to appreciate the small things in life and you and your family seem to do that whole-heartedly and I applaud you for that. Keep throwing the parties, they make a difference in your life, and I guarantee you are making a difference in other people's lives as well.
kim said…
i love your parties.

my dh had cancer right after we were married and somehow god saw him through it when he also was not given a good chance to live or ever have kids and now its 11 years past his dx and we 6 kids!

you have such a positive attitude!

i like all those party blogs too but i don't like the ones that someone just paid a designer for. i love the ones a mom made with love. some seem show-off-y but the ones made with true love you can just tell. yours are fun and joyful. they're great.
melismama said…
Thanks ladies! Praise God for your DH Kim!
Honest Mommy said…
We love your parties!! I think it's great, the things you are able to do. I sometimes am baffled as to how you do it but I know you are a planner!! You inspire me to try and make mine a little better:)
Keep on partying Mama!! We all need a party and a laugh and good friends to share it with!!
Tina said…
That is exactly why your parties are so wonderful - because of how much love clearly goes into them! We love being able to share in the fun and the memories. But more importantly, parties or no parties, you are such a special person and such a blessing to have you in my life! Party on! xoxo

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