On our date day yesterday (to celebrate 11 awesome years together) we went to a NASCAR race at the Pocono Raceway!  Here are some highlights of this once in a lifetime experience!

Dale Jr.'s Car...we were SO CLOSE to them (In Pit Road)

Hubby in front of Dale Jr's Tent

On the track in Pit Road where the cars will come in to Pit during the race

Some crew

I thought this was nice!


At the finish line...

Kissing the line for luck...

Cars lining up...

Loved the colors on this team...

The TNT Announcer waved me over to interview him..LOL

View from our Skybox..

In the, drinks...seats...very nice!

Jeff Gordon...the Winner...doing his spin out

I took over 400 pictures...these are just some highlights of our awesome day!


Tracy said…
What great pictures and a fun day! So glad you and your hubby had a wonderful time together!
Anonymous said…
What a fun date day!! Looks like you had so much fun!!
Jamie said…
looks like a great date
Honest Mommy said…
Awesome!! Looks like you guys had a great day:)

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