Retail Therapy, School and Broadway

We have had so much rain this week (other than Monday when we had an awesome Bike & Trike Wash Playdate) I decided to get the kids out today and go to the Mall. Something we have not done since snow was on the ground.  I had a plethora of coupons for various stores and they were about to expire (ok some of them were)...had a few ideas of what we needed wanted so we were mall bound.

I found some AWESOME Bargains today!  I NEVER pay retail for clothing, party supplies, accessories etc.  Always use a coupon or get things on clearance...

Old Navy - gotta have the themed T's for 4th of July
I used my Groupon coupon..paid $ 10 for the "deal" and 
got $ 20 in merchandise....I paid $ .35 today for 4 t'shirts.

GYMBOREE - Oh how I love Gymboree, but my wallet
does not!  Today there was a GREAT sale going on 
and I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon including sale items
I bought 17 items for the kids, including shirts, shorts, sun glasses, hair bows
and more!  I only paid $ 51 with the coupon including tax!  You can 
spend $ 50 on 1 dress there alone not on sale!

So most of you know that I am on weight watchers,
 trying to lose that last 55 lbs of baby weight
(LOL)  I am down 25 lbs already and have 30 or so more to go
I refuse to buy a new wardrobe UNTIL I reach my goal. However, I have to buy
a few new things. Jeans being 1 of them.  SALE at GAP today! Found these
 Long and Lean Jeans (I need very long being 5'11") originally almost $ 60 (gulp)
they were on sale for $ 45.99, I had a coupon, found out coupon was not
good on Sale merchandise (boo who) HOWEVER, when he rang them up
$ 27.00 CHA CHING!  SOLD to the skinny lady - 1.5 sizes smaller!

A few other bargains which I did not photo...

Borders (with a 40% coupon) Games & Puzzles from the Tree
house Book - Magic Tree House Series  - over 200 Challenges. (for my 6 yr old)
$ 5.99 before the coupon $ 3.99 after! 

Party City - ya all know how I love to host playdates...mostly themed..
well there was an entire table of $ 1 clearance items in the front of the store...
Needless to say there will be some more themed playdates coming up
in the Summer at the Newell's!  Spent $ 30 and you will
think I spent $ 100's on what I found! 
 You have to be willing to hunt in the

Then I splurged and we got Wendy's today. At least I get 1 kids meal with 
apples so they get something good for
and the prize today was actually something we used in school (keep reading)

This was the prize in the Wendy's can
create all sorts of things with they did!

Fun Friday Science today!

We talked about Pool Safety, Sunscreen and other water safety issues.

cute book I found at AC Moore a while ago
we finally got around to reading it today and
it fit the theme pretty good!

I {heart} our Scholastic!

Molly worked more on her daubers! 

If you are not familiar with these, they are great and WASHABLE!  I
ordered them last year from Discount School Supply!

So tomorrow I am out all day from the momma and I try to 
get into the city (NYC) at LEAST 1 time a season to see a show
...being we live an hour from it, it's
nice to go on a day tomorrow, we are meeting up with my
oldest child, Jeremy; his girlfriend, Kerri; for lunch and then
mom and I will seeing:

 Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe & John Larroquette in

It's won a bunch of awards and look fun! 

Probably adding in some retail therapy with a trip to
 Sephora, American Girl and 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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