Thankful Thursday

So thankful for my husband's job
So thankful for my healthy family
So thankful for living in NY where we have seasonal climate changes
So thankful for my salvation
So thankful for sunshine today
So thankful that we live in a FREE country

Whatcha thankful for today?


Lindsay said…
What wonderful things to be thankful for!!
Jamie said…
My list is coming up,I am very thankful to have met you and robin.I wish we all lived soooo much closer in driving distances.
I just found your blog through the NSOBH. I'm in NY too - and it's a beautiful day! I'm also thankful that my husbands jib allows me to stay home. I know how blessed I am!
Robin said…
Awww... thanks, Jamie! I love this picture Melissa. How I would love to be sitting there now without a care in the world!
you! my Relevant 11 roomie!
Tina said…
Thankful for a beautiful day and great friends! Yeah I'm talking about you! I see you posted a picture of our new vacation home. haha ;)

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