The Pilgrims and farm market fun

On Tuesday's we get together with another local homeschool family for our boy's to 
study American History. Today's topic was the Pilgrims. After their
book studies they made corn bread pancakes as they would have long ago...I had all the girls with me and we had some dress up fun dancing and playing!

Thought this cactus plant was amazing!

They have so many beautiful antiques in their home, I loved this old dictionary on it's own

This our friend's garden. It's amazing and we were able to bring some
some peas and green beans for dinner tonight!

over at the Farmer's Market later...we bought our fresh

This is our take home for the day...$ 10 worth of fresh honey, veggies and
oh so good fresh from the farm chocolate milk!

Our house smells amazing right now with all the fresh basil and produce!


Michelle said…
ooo those all look delish and I love the dictionary on it's own stand! That is now on my list of things to look for! haha! I have an idea forming....
Mommarazzi said…
i almost bought the radishes too, but we ended up putting them back. Maris was dead set against them and I have no idea why... lol I really dont even know what to do with them besides slice them for a salad. we got some mint and cilantro so my kitchen smells sooo good! love the farm market!
Lindsay said…
oo what a great day! Love that cactus too :-)
Jamie said…
ANother Great day with Mama M~
Those carrots look great,and the picture of Zachary jumping in the pool is sweet(looks like a slam dunk)That is great tha tyou can get with another family and join learning and fun,EXCELLENT
Jane (and Lou) said…
Looks like fun. Those vegie pics are fab! Jane:)
JDaniel4's Mom said…
We are trying to grow radishes. I hope they come up.

This counts as an entry in the July edition of Read.Explore.Learn.'s Summer Reading Challenge.
Kristy Powers said…
I can almost smell your home now, from the description! Beautiful pictures, and I love the theme. (I'm visiting you from the Read.Explore.Learn Summer Reading Challenge.)

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