Welcome Summer - it's a Bike Wash!

We hosted a little Welcome Summertime Playdate today with a Bike/Trike wash!  

Kids brought their bikes, ride-ons and trikes and cleaned those babies right up...gearing up for Summertime!

I set up three stations for them.....Wash.....Rinse.....Dry.....when they had had enough, we ate lunch and played!  The weather is beautiful today here in NY!

 (trying out a new editing program in Picasa for the some of the pictures..)

Washing station

drying station

Rinse....drive thru

Some pushed their bike thru

Gotta have the goggles!

Isn't everything better on a stick!

can't you just smell those now....

Two fairies and a mermaid...

All clean....or are they?

Beneath the Rowan Tree

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Anonymous said…
What fun! I think Sammy would love to do this. I need to wash my car before our trip this week.. I will have to let him wash his bike at the same time :-)
melismama said…
Thanks Lindsay...have fun on your trip! Going somewhere fun?
MommaHen said…
This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Great idea!!
Eve said…
What a great idea--looks like so much fun! Watermelon on a stick--ingenious!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying 'hi'. I've really enjoyed yours--great posts here.
melismama said…
Thanks MommaHen and Eve! 8)
Michelle said…
Looks like a blast!!!
Kristin said…
I Love this idea! The kids get to play, have fun and clean all at the same time! I am your newest follower. Stoppin by from "Today's Creative Blog"

Way too much fun being had by all! I love it!

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Rebecca said…
What a GREAT idea!!! You have the best ideas and the most fun!!
Allison said…
Adorable!!! What a great play date idea.
Jill said…
Looks like so much fun....and I love the watermelon on a stick idea as much as everyone else!! Right now, however, those burgers are calling my name.....=)
Thanks for linking up with us today ~ now following your sweet blog!!
Jill @ Sweet Diva
Tiffany said…
LOL, this is great! Looks like so much fun!!
Ticia said…
What fun! That's been on my list for a while.......
melismama said…
Thank you everyone for your kind comments. We do have fun with our group of moms and kids. I just pray it's appreciated!

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