If you have been a follower of my little blog you will know that we were participating in the Summer Sun Scholar Program from Sun Scholars. I was so excited that we won the program to test out and review. We have not been disappointed at all in what we have found!

 I found out that Rachel has discounted the entire 12 week program from $ 50 to $ 30 for a limited time!  You can't spend $ 30 more wisely on a curriculum than this!  I would HIGHLY recommend you hop over there and purchase it today!  You will NOT be disappointed.  Its an entire 12 week program for $ 30 comes with all the downloadable printables you will need, step by step instructions, suggestions, reading suggestions and so much more!  

I just can't say enough about this program.  So if you really want a great deal for the Summer or even when school starts back up again, go on over and BUY it!  


melismama said…
Tracy - I would say preschool on up to 8 yrs old would benefit greatly from this program. You would lOVE IT...takes all the planning out of the equation...

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