Cashed in at Staples

If you live near a STAPLES office supply store you MUST get your rear in gear and get their this week!  They have some awesome specials going on!  Here is what I snagged for only $ 15.00 yesterday!

 88 pens
 9 glue bottles
 6 glue sticks
 7 packages
of pencil top erasers
 2 pages of mechanical pencils
 2 pencil boxes
2 reams of 500 count paper 
1 Crayola color pencil pack and
1 Crayola thin marker set.

Once I do my rebate on line for the paper, my final cost will be  less than $ 6.00!

Little Tip:  If you sign up for their rewards program, make sure you sign up as a teacher so you can buy more than the 2 max of each of the penny deals (glue, pens and erasers) they let you buy up to 25 of them if you are a teacher!



Thanks for the reminder about the teacher card. I know I have one for Office Max but I can't remember if I do for Staples.
Tracy said…
I just stopped in at Staples and snatched up 25 each of the glue, erasers, and pen packages. I will donate to friends/organizations some of it. Then I went to Office Max and bought 2 pocket folders for 1 cent, but they limit the teachers to double the limit. The limit was 5 so I was able to get 10. I'm about to do my rebate for the Staples copy paper to get money back in the mail! Good deals!
melismama said…
OH thanks for the reminder Tracy..I have to do my rebate! We always donate to a HS family who is in need and love doing it!
The Adventurer said…
I drooling reading about everyone's savings:) No staples here:(
Mary said…
Awesome! I love a bargain :)
melody-mae said…
thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love meeting fellow cancer survivors! :)
Jamie said…
i didn't know about the teacher card do i need any thing before I go in to the store to show or just ask?
That is why we love staples for those great deals.
Jamie said…
hahaha on me I should have read the whole post at the bottom,I was just excited that you made some great mama m
Wow, what a lot of great stuff. Which ones were the penny ones. I need to get this stuff but it is about 40 minutes away so need to know if it is worth the drive. LOL Thanks for visiting my blog today. Love to have you stop by.
Nikki said…
Great trip!! New follower from the Monday Mingle hop! Please visit my blog at or facebook at :-)
Michelle said…
WOW!! Awesome! Thanks so much for this!
Lisa said…
I got the deals too, but didn't know about the teacher rewards. I am a rewards member but not listed as a teacher. I may just go back in there tomorrow so I can take advantage of more great deals!

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