Flip Flop Craft & Sneak Peak at the next party

Today was my cleaning day when my mom's helpers come over to play with my children while I clean etc...I left a craft out today for them....Flip Flop Decorating....(be sure to scroll down at a sneak peak at our next party theme...)  I bought the flip flops for $ 1. a pair at Joanne Fabrics and the flip flop art was on sale at 1/2 off also!  

This craft table is in our garage for such crafts as this!

School today - worked with out Math Fun Facts Deluxe Game...
(Currclick has this for $ 3.50 on sale!)

You can buy it right now at CurrClick for $ .70 (yes that is .70)  We love it!

Our next party is in a few weeks here at the house...Our son turns 7!  
Can you guess the theme?  

I will say, I think it's my best party yet (so far)

Have a wonderful beachy day!


Anonymous said…
cute craft!! Can't wait to see the party!
Pamela said…
Oh, you are just so creative. I love visiting to find out what ideas I can "steal" from you. You are choosing the "good things" of life and I know God must smile, too.

Mary said…
Inspiring, as always :)

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