Little history...little farm market...LOTS of fun

IT was time-line Tuesday today for school and we were hosting the American History studies for the day.  We are up to the mid 1600 and the era of the Puritans and John Winthrop.  Did you know that the Puritans were responsible for the 1st formalized schools?  After our studies my challenge to the boys was to build a 1 room school house using Legos.  They started out great and then lost steam as they wanted to go out and play! 

 Then we all went to our Farmers Market - met up with some other friends. 

Kids love to hit the lemonade stand 1st...

Thought this pie from Nobles Pies looked very festive! 

Gods Beauty!

'da boys!

Me and my gal pal, Dawn 

 Invited them over for an impromptu swim/lunch playdate and that brings me to now!   Lots going on, but it's a glorious day and so far, so good!

My house smells like basil and cilantro...YUMMO....Hope your day is as blessed as ours is!



Michelle said…
What a fun day!
Diane said…
A little history. Lego. Shopping. And chillin' by the pool with the promise of good eats. Sounds like the perfect day to me!!

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