School on the 4th

Call me crazy, but we actually had school today!  After the weekend the kids were ready to get back into the grove of it...

Spending some school time with Grammie

Puzzle time

Very good book for today!

Great Thematic Unit from My Shae Noel Best thing - It's FREE!

From Simple Schooling  on Currclick - FREE ALSO TODAY!

From from Simple Schooling - history of the 4th of July

Even Zachary loved the thematic unit from My Shae Noel

The day cleared up today and is beautiful!

A rare sight, our cat, Job (long O sound) is letting
Sammie pet him! 


Michelle said…
Looks like a fun day!!
~SHANNON~ said…
Thanks so much for linking up on Mom Loop!

I love how all the kids are dressed in their flag clothes! So sweet!

PS. Is that frozen watermelon on a stick on your header? Genius!
Diane said…
When has dedication looked so much like fun!!!?
Marissa ♥ said…
Although, we were scheduled to take summer off, I am seriously thinking of starting our lessons early. My kiddos seem to be more and more restless, especially this week...all I would need to hear is one "Mom, I'm bored!" statement to tip me over the 'OK-I-Think-Summer-Vacation-Is-Over' edge. :)

PS - I just noticed your cute new header!
melismama said…
Michelle - it was...

Shannon - thank you so much. Watermelon on a stick, isn't everything better on a

Diane - thank you

Marissa - I hear ya!
Looks like a great week of fun and learning! Thanks for linking up!
Lisa said…
Just "hopping" over to visit from the HHH. :-)

It looks like your children were having a great time with some awesome materials. And, I love the matching flag shirts.

Have a blessed night,
Stop by and visit my blog at
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What fun! You have wonderful learning going on at your house. Thanks for linking up!
Lisa said…
Looks like it was a great day. Does this mark the beginning of a new school year, or do you go all year, taking periodic breaks?

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