Super Saturday

We are in full blown prep mode for our son's 7th birthday (next Saturday). We have out of town guests coming in from the North and bubby staying with us also for the weekend...we have outdoor yard work to finish up and not to mention last minute party decor details....It was a great day yesterday!  We pulled all the play equipment off the play yard, raked the mulch, power washed everything, and put it back together in different spots. Play yard looks great and ready for a flurry of activity!  I snagged this cute Step 2 Lifestyle Grand Walk In Kitchen at a yard sale yesterday.  Retail price from Step 2 is $ 259.99....I snagged it for the bargain price of $ 40 BONUS it came with a box of food and extras!  It looks brand new, all decals still on, needed little clean up!  The girls are loving it!

We also had a visitor yesterday...this dragon fly kept flying all around us and teasing us
with his beauty!  

Off to church....then more yard prep....have a blessed Sunday ya'll!


~LKB said…
Great yard sale find! I found a huge play kitchen for my daughter a couple years ago for super cheap and it came with a big box of play food and a shopping cart. Now that my son is older, he loves to play with it too. I think I receive pretend meals at least 5 or 6 times a day. I'm so glad there aren't calories in all the food I "eat!" LOL

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