Boys Book Club #3

It just so happens that all three boys in the Summer Boys Book Club were at Vacation Bible School today so that worked out great for our last book and lesson for the Summer!  They read Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers as their last book club book!  Great book, if you kids like the Diary of a Wimpy Kis Series they would love this series!

just a few more pictures from my preschool class at VBS this week!

I have enjoyed my time teaching this week but am sure ready for VACATION!


Jamie said…
Looks like the kids are having so much fun in VBS and looke like mama is having fun teaching.Have fun this weekend and a safe trip to Disney.
Lynda said…
My son wants to read The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. So glad to hear they are enjoying VBS. Enjoy your trip to Disney, and my prayers go out to your father. God bless you!

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