Day 1 - VBS 2011 - Check

Today was our first day of Pandamania - Vacation Bible School - 2011 - where God is Wild About You!

This is my Preschool room - Sammie and Molly both in my class...technically Molly can go
with the other 4 yr olds but wanted to help me out...(notice my fine artwork on the easel..LOL)

Zachary - 3rd from the left...with his pals

Here is my class of preschoolers...2 and 3 yr olds..oh what fun we had!

Sammie's craft...not bad for a 2 yr old, huh!

Some music time...

Me and my Molly....

Making cookies for tomorrow's class...gotta run...they smell delicious!


Diane said…
This IS fine artwork on the sign! And I love the T-shirts! Did you design them as well? And did you have any help? As in Adult help? You truly amaze me. Everyone looks like they had so much fun!
melismama said…
Thanks Diane, I did the artwork on the sign but the artwork on the t shirts is done by the company who designed the program....I had 1 woman who helped me. We had a blast, but those preschoolers tired me right out! LOL
Sherry said…
Our VBS was PandaMania this year, too. we loved it! We bought the CD a few weeks ahead, and my 4 year old daughter fell in love with the music. We still listen to it. Enjoy this week!
We are still singing our Pandamania songs! Have a great week!
Aimee said…
My kids did the Pandamania VBS this year too. They loved it! I know you will have lots of fun all week!

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