Happy Anniversary Baby!

It was 8 years ago today I married the man that I never dreamt about...not the man of my dreams, that would be Brad Pitt, but the man who would become the father of 3 awesome blessings, the BEST step-dad to my older son, the man who would provide for his family without ever complaining about the long commute towards NYC every day, the man who would send me flowers for no reason other than he wanted me to know I was loved, the man who would make me feel like a proud momma, woman and be a better person!    He is my rock and my best friend!  Cheers to ya baby....

Horseback riding in the Pocono's

Pregnant with our Sammie gal here....

Dave Matthew's Band last year

Sammie's Christening - all of us! 

He loves him some Vikings (and Nascar)



Jamie said…

I cant believe you had brown hair,shocker!!!!!lol

Have a great day
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! May you both have many more years of happiness of love <3
Happy Anniversary! If you lived closer, we'd probably be buddies. :)
CAS said…
Congratulations! It is a true blessing when you meet & marry the "one" who fulfills all your needs, hopes & dreams. I did that 42+ years ago. Have a wonderful day!
:) CAS
Nicole said…
Have a wonderful day together and congratulations! Thanks for stopping by my site http://classic-hymns.com/morning-has-broken-2/
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful day! The east coast rocked in celebration at 1:51 pm ;-)
Honest Mommy said…
Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!

(thanks for the kind words earlier...we are going to play golf together tomorrow...lol...I've never played in my life...)

Oh, and the pics of that new place in town are awesome...have to check it out when I come home!!

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