Need Advice on Disney Trip

The majority of the travelers to Disney have a plan....plan for months, maybe even years...well not the Newell clan...we found out we are going to Disney and only have less than 3 weeks to plan a trip with three little ones and we are driving (crazy huh)...stopping in N.C. to see my dad...anyway...I am looking for tips, tricks and money saving tips!  We are not staying at a Disney resort (the whole reason we are going is we have a time share that was given to us for the week, FREE!)  

Our tentative plan is to do 3 days at the resort, pool, mini golf etc...and two days at a park (or two)....thinking Magic Kingdom and there enough to do for little ones?  Suggestions on shows to see....what to do....etc..anything you can pass along would be a great help!


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